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We are a couple of people on this list trying to get Mythtv running 
smoothly on the Pundit-R but we are having problems the prebuffering issue 
on the atiixp driver. How did you force mythtv to use the alsa driver 
directly instead of the oss emulation ? If you could post any .asoundrc 
file or equivalent necessary i would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: [mythtv-users] Force Prebuffering Pause How To

belcampo wrote:

> Hi all,
> No solution but a direction to find the source(s) of the problem.
> Accidently found that one can stop Live-TV by clicking to resize a 
window in 
> another terminal.
> Using a Pundit-R as front- and backend, trying to solve buffering 
> When I was running live-tv I went to another terminal to fire-up 
> while I was resizing the window live-tv stopped and in the terminal from 

> which mythfrontend was started shows:
> 2004-11-18 15:11:19 Using realtime priority.
> waiting for free video buffers timed out
> waiting for free video buffers timed out
> 2004-11-18 15:11:35 prebuffering pause
> Henk Schoneveld
The pre-buffer pauses on a pundit-r are audio related. There is some 
sort of bug with the alsa (atiixp) audio driver or the OSS emulation. 
You can see the pre-buffer pauses when you use /dev/dsp as audio device.
I solved them for now switching to ALSA audio out.

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