[mythtv-users] Technisat "Mediafocus I" only works with xawtv

Christoph Foelmer webopold at web.de
Tue Nov 16 23:26:47 UTC 2004


after a long time of searching,trying and some other things, this ml is my 
last hope :-)

I try to get a analogue Satellite-Card called Mediafocus I to work. This is 
*NOT* a dvb or a bttv card. It has got a zoran mpeg encoder and a msp3800 
sat-tuner and a very special thing called ADR(Astra Digital Radio), which is 
in very high quality for nearly 70 Stations (192kbit 48khz)

It works well with xawtv using a special frequency table. xawtv itself is not 
patched in any special way.
In this table the values are calculated not a real value, including the freq. 
and the switch value for horizontal or vertical polarisation.
[ARD (Astra)]
freq = 1744000

[ZDF (Astra)]
freq = 1214000

[RTL (Astra)]
freq = 9671000

[SAT 1 (Astra)]
freq = 9730000

[PRO 7 (Astra)]
freq = 9848000

This card has an analog Satellite Tuner and 2 possible Video-Inputs
TV-Tuner, CVBS-0, SVHS-2

The normal way to import the xawtv settings into the database isn't working.
Manually setting the frequency in the database makes the bakend tune as 
expected, but there is nothing you can see on the screen.

VIDIOCMCAPTURE1: Invalid argument
VIDIOCMCAPTURE0: Invalid argument

The question is, what does mythtv send to the v4l-device?
In my case it would have to send the input-channel(TV-Tuner,CVBS-0,SVHS-2) and 
the frequency code - but it seems to send anything else.

Only one success so far: if i start the frontend, the card is tuned to the 
proposed channel as given in the setup, but the screen remains black.
The frontend gives only the following errormessage

Audio buffer overflow

Beside the tv tuning problems, it would be really good to get the inputs 
working for grabbing the old tapes

Any help for me?


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