[mythtv-users] Building mythfrontend box from scratch ... or buy an eMachine?

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Tue Nov 16 20:02:55 UTC 2004

Well, not so sure it would be an eMachine but something fairly cheap
that would work ...

The dilemma I'm currently in is that I need a frontend that will
support new(er) graphics output (to hook to a 46" Samsung DLP) and the
old hardware I have laying around just won't cut it.  I could get an
eMachine T3256 for $598. from walmart.com which seems fairly cheap yet
fully capable (I have the ability to hide the box in the basement
under my TV) but I'm also considering building a nicer HTPC for use in
the entertainment center.  It would have to be quiet, look nice,
support DVD burning, blah blah blah.

My price range is $400-600 which would still keep me under an HDTivo
even when considering the added cost of a HD capture card.  So with
that in mind, could I build an HTPC based on the VIA EPIA M-Series
Mini-ITX motherboard and stay within my price range?

Or is there some other alternative all together (still using Myth)
that I haven't thought about?

Any and all thoughts/ideas/opinions GREATLY appreciated.  I think this
is going to be an early Christmas present to myself and my family so
the sooner, the better!


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