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Simon Lundell simon at ida.his.se
Tue Nov 16 12:17:02 UTC 2004


Nokia phones have something similar; you can enter a sequence of numbers
to navigate through menues. Pressing
<Menu>-51 navigates to "Set alarm" (5 for alarm, 1 for set)

PS: two reasons why people havn't seen the commercial:
  * It's only broadcasted in a few cuntries?
  * The readers are mythtv users, who utilize commercial skipping.

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On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 21:00:44 +0100, Niklas Brunlid <nbr at ticalc.org>

> Just noticed a commercial on TV about this and since I get "Connection

> Refused" from the archive search server I can't check if it's old 
> news:
> http://www.welltonway.com/
> I kinda like the quick-key interface (0-9 pressed to access functions 
> in
> a
> 3x4-arranged menu). Does something similar exist for myth? Is it
> to implement with a theme?

Hasn't anybody seen the commercial? And nobody has any comments on using

the quick-key interface?

/ Niklas

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