[mythtv-users] To TiVo or mythTV it

David George david at thegeorges.us
Fri Nov 12 12:55:41 UTC 2004

On 11/12/2004 1:59 AM, Jack Trout wrote:

>Well I dont know but there was an article about a year or so ago, it
>was about TiVo actually they did something else that rose people in
>arms, if you didnt have something scheduled for some show that they
>partnered with a studio for it recorded it then, and people noticed
>some wierd show that they didnt set to record on thier boxes the next
>day. TiVo came out with a press release that said something to the
>affect that it did no harm and the show was recorded to a part of the
>system partition that wouldnt interfere with the recording of other
>shows, but you couldnt delete it that it would be deleted on its own,
>so essentially what your TiVo Records is forsale to the highest
>bidder, at that point I decided I would never buy a TiVo and found
>more info on programs like Myth where I could controll my box
Not that my reply really matters to this discussion, but this is 
something that got blown way out of proportion.  There is a showcase 
section in the TiVo where TiVo (the company) can place videos and ads, 
etc.  You should see the ones for Porsche, BMW, and the Nissan 300Z.  
The fact is while we did lose a small amount of disk space going from v2 
to v3, these recordings were on a completely different menu.  You didn't 
*have* to watch them, you couldn't delete them, but they were replaced 
by new videos from time-to-time.  Your assertion that "what your TiVo 
Records is forsale to the highest bidder" is just false.  These are just 
another form of optional advertising, and I actually liked a lot of 
them.  The ones I watched were actually well done.

All that being said.  Yes, TiVo is limited in many ways (although you 
can get Pioneer DVD burners with TiVo service to burn your shows) and 
MythTV clearly offers more features and better expandability.  Just 
didn't want any false impressions out there for a company that pioneered 
the Linux PVR.  No, I don't own stock or have any financial involvement 
with them.  I have just been a *long* time loyal user (well until Myth 
came along anyway ;-) ).


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