[mythtv-users] New Australian XMLTV grabber

Andrew J ajpalm at optushome.com.au
Wed Nov 10 00:22:51 UTC 2004

>> I'm involved with the ozTiVo group and this topic has been done to  
>> death over there.
>> Short story is you can't buy it if you plan to use this guidedata on 
>> a  PVR/DVR unit. End of story.
> I cant see how the trade practices act would allow the tv stations to  
> sell to HWW and not to consumers. Is there an Australian lawyer on the  
> list? Who could think about it? Smacks of unfair dealings.
> It might be worth asking, your state dept of trading or The ACCC.
> I am sure if enough of us call the ACCC they will tell us if this is  
> legal or not. As I am sure scraping isn't.
> If you do contact the ACCC or fair trading write back here and say who  
> you talked too. Lets be annoying :)

Like I said, MS tried and failed... there is a good sign if its 'legal' 
or not to do.

They own the data/copyright and in the contact they have with HWW that 
is a requirement of them suppling the data to them, that HWW can't sell 
the data, when its going to be used on a PVR/DVR. Don't get me wrong, 
HWW WANT to sell it, they just can't.

A lawyer could have a crack at it I guess.

If you have the details and a draft letter we can use, then I'll be 
happy to send it off.

They should also be sent to ALL TV stations as well.


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