[mythtv-users] Re: MythRecipe source code

Dennis Hand 4hands at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 8 18:17:37 UTC 2004

>Ok, I'm not a professional C++ coder or anything and I have no idea 
>how mythtv works with plugins and such. In fact I've only done some 
>basic stuff in C++. However I would like to learn how to do more 
>complex stuff with C++ and I figure that mythrecipe would be a good 
>place to start. (since development by it's creator seems to have 
>stopped) I do have a fairly good understanding of database concepts 
>and such. I have already built my own basic web-recipe program for my 
>own personal use so it's not as complex as the ReciPants database that 
>mythrecipe uses. Is anyone out there interested in helping me with the 
>mythtv/C++ side of things? 

>Also are people interested in keeping with the existing database 
>design or just starting from scratch? Also I am looking through some 
>of the code and I can't seem to find any instructions on setting it 
>up. I'd apreciate it if someone who is currently using it could tell 
>me what database it's using. 

I would love to help if I could. I don't know C++ at all, but I'm pretty familiar with MythRecipe.
I just so happened to have downloaded all his current versions before he went down. I spoke
with him just before the site went down and he said he was finished with the 0.16 version
and was about to release it. The same with MythKaraoke. I'm not getting any return emails
either. So I guess thats that. He did say that version 0.15-2 would have no problem working
with 0.16. I can get version 0.15-2-src-20040704 to work but any version after that bombs. It
looks to me as if the .xml structure isn't getting created correctly after it downloads it's
information. As far as looking for instructions, there isn't any. And the database it's using is
MySQL with an option to use Postgres if you want but that won't work for Myth.


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