[mythtv-users] Box location

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Wed Nov 3 14:31:01 UTC 2004

flurdy wrote:
> I am a newby and I have some quirries regarding the location of other 
> users Myth box(es).
> I am currently deciding on where to have the box and what type of case 
> to get. 
> Small/large/warm/cold/pretty/grose/noisy/quiet/multiple/standalone.... etc.
> Do one have to have the box close to the TV?
> IR repeaters, means it is not a restriction.
> I presume it will have to be next to my digital cable settop box (NTL - 
> uk).
> I also presume due to scart/svideo connection it will have to be next to 
> the main tv. However I hope i can pipe a normal arial cable to my own tv 
> network for viewing in other rooms?
> If the box is to be in the living room, then it would have to be good 
> looking and quiet. The smaller the better as well. Anywhere else, just 
> expandable is okay.
> I am considering an Antec Aria (discussed in another thread) or an Antec 
> Sonata. I already own a Sonata for my game box, and it is pretty(ish) 
> and very quiet. However it may be too big for the living room? The Aria 
> is small and meant to be quiet, however may get too hot and not sure how 
> quiet it is. Also may be limited to just one capture card?
> Does everyone else keep their box by their main tv? What if you have 
> several boxes?
> Also is a normal arial output good enough quality for larger TVs?
I'm not bothering about look/quietness at the moment.. am redecorating 
the front room so will be upgrading the box then..

Regards to the arial output.. I would *seriously* recommend not using 
it.. from your ntl box (I'm on sky and it works the same way) get a 
scart converter (maplins have them) to convert scart to the svideo on 
your tv card input.. the difference is *huge* for only a few quid.



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