[mythtv-users] How slow of a computer for frontend with only vga

cythraul cythrault at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 20:54:45 UTC 2004


Call me a freak but I just installed a frontend on a K6-2/500 with
256mb of RAM. I had to reduce the display to 640x480x16 but otherwise
it's quite functional. Note that mplayer actually uses half the CPU
compared to nuvplayer (watch recording.)The hardware acceleration of
the MX440 helps a lot.

So I guess a low level p2 would be enough for normal people/use just
make sure there's enough RAM and don't use a swap partition.

Good day,

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 14:34:34 -0500, Ryan Kremser <ryan.kremser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I'm looking to make a frontend to stream video over my network
> to a place without tv coax.  Right now i have a working myth box with
> a pvr-350 with the tv out and everything seems to be good.  How slow
> of a computer could i get away with for running this frontend and
> getting good video which won't be choppy.  Also I'm looking for
> suggestions on a video card for the same system. (pci only, no
> computers with AGP slots are avaliable)  Any thoughts would be great,
> I love mythtv, great software and now i don't know how i could get by
> without it.
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