[mythtv-users] Default Input Doesn't Work After Upgrade to 0.15 and DataDirect

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon May 31 13:02:22 EDT 2004

On Sunday 30 May 2004 02:11, Mike Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Just updated to 0.15 and DataDirect.  Had problems
> with both Default Input and changing chanels on
> my DirectTV receiver.  Replaced changechannel script
> with one that dumped the script parameters to a file
> and discoverd that MythTV was passing 5 digit numbers
> to the changechannel command. Maybe they were
> zipcodes.
> Re-running setup and answer yes to both initial
> questions
> fixed the problem.
> I can't get the default input to work.  I have one
> Hauppage card in it with three inputs.  A coax, an
> S-Video, and a composite.  I selected S-Video as the
> default input on the Capture Card menu.  I then
> hook-up the DirectTV input to the S-Video under
> Input Connections.  I select channel 3 for the initial
> channel.  When I bring up MythFrontend and try to
> watch Live TV,  I get a screen that is 90% green with
> some static at the top.  If I hit the "C" key,  it
> says S-Video and I get a picture.  If I exit and
> restart mythfrontend and select watch TV,  its comes
> up OK.
> But,  if I bounce mythbackend and then start
> mythfrontend,  its green screen again unti I hit the
> "C" key.  This will really be a problem if the backend
> server goes down and reboots because of a power
> failure
> when I not home.  I'm guessing it won't be able to
> record.
> Thanks,
> Mike
I've been poking around in the code trying to figure out similar problems on 
my Matrox MJpeg Tuner.  It seems to me like we are being hurt by similar 
problems.   See my post from a few days ago.


I've been looking further at the code today, and I'm getting more confused.

I'm looking in channelbase.cpp, and looking at the code that switches inputs.  
There are two SwitchToInput functions, and each of them calls GetInputByName 
to change from an input name to a input number.  However, it looks to me like 
it is looking in the list of CHANNEL names to find a matching INPUT name, and 
it wouldn't be able to find a match, thus the inputs don't get changed.  

Of course I could be misreading the code, since my C++ is pretty weak.


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