[mythtv-users] Native Alsa Support

David George david at onyxsoft.com
Tue May 25 08:25:55 EDT 2004

On Tue, 25 May 2004 rwk at americom.com wrote:

> I have just installed mythtv under gentoo (kernel 2.6 with build-in alsa
> support) compiled with Native Alsa Support.  When I try to play a
> program from mythfrontend I get:
> 	   Error opening audio device (/dev/dsp).  No such device
> I believe /dev/dsp is an OSS device and since I compiled with native
> alsa support, I would expect this.  My question is:

Yes, that is the OSS device.

> What do I use in the General/Setup/Audio section?

ALSA:...  Where ... is the device.  In my case I use ALSA:spdif to use the 
optical SPDIF output on my motherboard.  The ALSA must be uppercase.

> I am not presented with any choices for audio device except OSS
> devices.  I am using devfs and I do not see how to configure the
> frontend to use a devfs native alsa device.
> Can anyone advise me on this?

Yes, search the archives.  This has been covered many times.



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