[mythtv-users] Feature request. MythVideo folder browser.

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sat May 22 14:44:04 EDT 2004

S. Baker wrote:

>This issue comes up again, and once again set off by an un-helpful
>reply by Donovan. 
Would you prefer it if I said "Hey we'll get right on it!" and then 
didn't?  I'm sorry if the reality of things is "unhelpful" to you.  I 
could have given the standard response "Sounds great we look forward to 
your patch."  would that be more helpful?

> It would be a lot more useful and friendly to 
>mythtv users to keep a list of requests, so that developers have
>a target to shoot at, 
The developers *do* have a target, our own personal itches.  What part 
of my original message didn't you get?

>These lists should be prioritized by
>the lead developer (think project manager). 
Gee more work for Isaac, making a list of crap he's not interested in 
just so folks (who are already getting something for n nothing) can feel 
all warm and fuzzy?

>At the very 
>least point the user to the code, and give some pointers.  
>Giving them a 'I know everything already, and am going to ignore you'
>attitude is not helping the project at all.  
It may not be helpful to the person making the request, but it doesn't 
hurt the project.  I'm *sorry* the developers don't jump to the beck and 
call of the user base, but they do this for *free* and for *fun*.  The 
fact that non-contributers use Myth is pretty much incidental, you're 
not paying for it and you're not adding to it, all you're doing is 
consuming, asking for more and then getting pissy when you're told no.

>I have been a developer for a long time.  I thought that a good
>way to get started with mythtv would be to install it and play
>with it a bit. 
Yep perfectly reasonable.

> Next step:  give some ideas for development, and
>see what people thought.  
Had it been phrased as "Here's what I'm thinking of doing" you wouldn't 
have gotten the response you did.  As an FYI posting to the users list 
with ideas for development is a bad idea.  Not all the developers read 
the user list on a regular basis (or at all).

>I immediately got a response from 
>Donovan that I considered pretty rude (go read it and judge
>for yourself).  
I explained to you the reality of MythTV development.  I'm certain I was 
blunt, but I don't think I was rude..  Though I find it hilarious that 
I'm sitting here writing this while wearing a shirt that says "I don't 
give a fuck if you're offended".

>It is probably the primary reason I just haven't
>found the time to take the next steps:  
So I hurt your feelings and now you're going to sulk?  For crying out 
loud I *should* have flamed you then at least you'd have a reason to be 

>find a small project
>to work on (can't do that 'cause there isn't a TODO list anywhere
>to be found).  
Find and itch and scratch it... How hard is that?

>Finally tackle something major.  Possibly
>add some system-engineering to the project eventually (one of 
>my current jobs).
Word of advice, if it ain't broke don't fix it unless there's a 
seriously compelling reason to do so, and even then only if Isaac approves.

>Look around at other big open source projects.  How many of them
>have a feature request list? A bug-tracking system?  How many 
>have a release plan, or at least a list of required issues
>to be resolved before the next release?  

How many of them are MythTV?

>It is still likely that I will work on MythTV, but as I said
>above, my motivation is pretty low right now.  
If my informing you that feature requests are frowned upon trashed your 
motivation to the point where you don't feel like contributing you need 
to get a much thicker skin before trying to contribute anyway.

>It is a great
>effort, and has come a long way.  Discouraging users and
>developers from contributing  in _any_ way does not help
>propel the project forward.
For the most part users don't contribute developers do.  And developers 
don't tend to make feature requests they supply patches.

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