[mythtv-users] Mailing list and a Wiki... and a dessert topping

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue May 18 12:22:42 EDT 2004

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> On Monday 17 May 2004 22:53, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > On Monday 17 May 2004 04:15 pm, David wrote:
> > >   http://www.mythtv.info/
> > > )
> >
> > And let me point out that this isn't offical, nor will I 
> link to from the
> > main website.
> Isaac, you're my hero, since you wrote this fantastic 
> software and I love you.
> But you have some truly strange concepts about some things...
> Well, that's real helpful, you not linking to them, and 
> neither to Jarod...  
> So let's look at what you DO link to (or host yourself), why 
> don't we ...? 
> For instance, what is this "Topics" link in mythtv.org ?  
> ( http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=Topics ) 
> Hey, it sure looks like a "Forum". Well, to be more precise, 
> a readonly, 
> moderated, and painfully empty forum.  So is this more like 
> your idea of 
> managing docs ?  Excluding highly useful docs from your site 
> yet leaving an 
> unhelpful (even confusing; I know, I've been there, was a 
> newbie...) "Topics" 
> section in there which looks like it has only been there less 
> than a week but 
> isn't. 
> Where is the logic in that ?  And who's going to populate the 
> gaping empty 
> Topics sections ?  You ?  With respect, but I don't think so.  
> Don't you think it is time to let go and see what the 
> community can do, 
> documentation-wise, on their own preferred "platform" ?
> I mean, what is the use of the "Topics" site, do we have to 
> submit a cvs patch 
> in order to get something contributed there ?  This happening 
> is highly 
> unlikely, and it stifles end-user contribution.  Plaintext or 
> no plaintext.
> > If you want to work on docs, contribute back to the 
> official docs.  Don't
> > fragment the effort by using random wikis.
> Sorry but I'm getting fed up.  Would you please care to tell 
> me where you want 
> all these random contributions to go in the official doc 
> 'cause I don't see 
> it belonging in a main doc, much less where:  
> * How to silence your system * What to tune your cards to 
> when in <country X>
> * What to do when your remote xyz is seemingly sending random 
> garbage to lirc
> * How to build mythtv on <random distribution>  * What to do 
> if your font size 
> doesn't change a friggin' thing to the display  *  How to 
> remove recording 
> profiles  *  Realize that the docs do NOT describe the 
> official release, but 
> the bleeding edge cvs version instead.
> That last point is SO confusing, for newbies and power users 
> alike, that the 
> mailinglist alone is buried in "Why does button X not do what 
> it's supposed 
> to do" -type posts.  Very good that the docs are up to date, 
> sure, but aren't 
> we jumping the gun a bit here ?
> If you really want to be adamant in keeping all the docs on 
> your site and not 
> anywhere else, maybe you should take the first step and make 
> it possible to 
> register and contribute to 
> http://www.mythtv.org/modules.php?name=Topics.  
> It IS on 
> your site, so it IS an officially supported doc feature, right ? 
> If not, why is it even there ??  It's not like its helping 
> anyone, is it ?

Regarding the Topics section: The Topics section is a PHPnuke/PostNuke style
holder for the news items you see on the frontpage of the site.  Each item
gets a designator that places it into one of those Topic categories.  It is
pretty common for sites (see Slashdot).  It is not, however, related to the
product documentation.


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