[mythtv-users] Goofed up root password for mySQL...

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Fri May 14 17:33:05 EDT 2004

Try using ROOT_PWD as the root password.  If it still doesn't work, I'll send 
a link to mysql documentation on www.mysql.com that describes resetting the 
root password.  Hint: it's not that difficult, so don't sweat it too much.


ps: I may be slow to post that link, if you need it, as I'm going to see Troy 
tonight and it's close to three hours long.

On Friday 14 May 2004 05:04 pm, Bill McDevitt (Home) wrote:
> Greetings!
> Working through Jarod's install, and at Step 13 Set up MySQL, I had a cut
> and paste error to the console.
> I ran this command:
> # mysql -u root mysql
> got the mysql prompt.  Cut and pasted this command into the console, but
> when I pasted I had grabbed part of the next line too (mysql> FLUSH):
> mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('ROOT_PWD') WHERE user='root';
> Apparently the part of the next line set the password...
> Not thinking anything bad had happened, I ran the next two commands:
> mysql> quit
> Now I cannot log into mysql as root, as it tells me the root password is
> bad.  I've tried all sorts of combinations of the real root password, no
> password, and the part of the line that got added in by accident.
> Is there any way to clear the root password and reset it or am I going to
> have to go the reinstall route?
> Thanks for your time.
> Regards, Bill

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