[mythtv-users] mythtv problems after system hang

Ben Rometsch ben at solidstategroup.com
Mon May 10 20:24:46 EDT 2004

Maybe you have a disk error? If none of the software has changed and you 
have not been hacked, that's probably the most likely reason...?

Jim Bauer wrote:

>I have been happily using mythtv for a few months now.  The only problems I 
>have had are the occasional mythfrontend crash.  However the other day I 
>found by mythtv box (runs both front and backends) had locked up.  It was
>unresponsive to keyboard (or remote) or pings.  So I reset the system and
>it appeared to com up fine.  I watched a previously recorded show without any 
>However, from then on, any new recording has had problems:
>- The post-recording commercial flagging never seems to end.
>- The file sizes are much less then they use to be (1.5G vs 2.2G) and in one 
>case a 2hr show has a file size of 0.
>- When watching a new recording, it looks like it keeps dropping frames.  
>Every so often, there is a little skip and you often see a bunch of little 
>black squares on the scrren for a second or two.
>Other reboots/power cycles have had not improvement.
>I have not touched any of the SW on this system for quite some time now.
>The only errors I see logged are "ivtv: Not enough free buffers, stream 0" but 
>I always had them, there is just a *lot* more of them.
>System info
>GeForce 4 (used for TV out)
>Originally installed from KnopMyth r4
>mythtv 0.11
>ivtv (not sure which version)
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