[mythtv-users] Mythgame/Xmame And EMS USB2 Adapter

Bryan Rockwood rockwood at creighton.edu
Sat May 8 13:25:04 EDT 2004

First off, the obligatory Myth comments.  Awesome stuff.  I have a 
central server and a lightweight client soon to be running in the 
entertainment center upstairs.  Jarod's guide has proven to be 
invaluable.  And the software runs like a champ.  Enough gushing, though.

I have a problem with Xmame in Mythgame and was hoping someone had gone 
through the same thing.  I am using an EMS USB2 adapter with two dual 
shock controllers.  It is Fedora Core 1 with all the Jarod recommended 
goodies.  Here's the thing; the two joysticks show up perfectly when 
running jstest (they both are under js0, but with all the axis and 
buttons to support both).  I can move the axis and press buttons from 
both and every one of them shows up.  But, when I run xmame.x11 with a 
joytype of 4, it says 8 axis (good for both pads) but only 16 buttons 
(enough for the first one only).  Any ideas how I get it to say 32 
instead?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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