[mythtv-users] Firewire Port on cable box?

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Fri May 7 13:39:07 EDT 2004

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

>  Yes, enabled but encrypted. Same FCC order both allows the cable
>  operator to encrypt over-the-air channels and requires them to
>  provide firewire out for customers that request it. So you'll have
You've got to be shitting me.  Whats the point in requiring them to make 
the port available if they can encrypt the content that spews forth from it?

I have a huge beef w/ all this encryption crap.  They encrypt it so an 
extreamly small percentage of people can't what. . .  Post it on kazaa?  
There will *always* be a way to get the content off just about any 
device.  But, I'm probably preaching to the choir. . .
>  firewire out, but unless you have a relationship with the cable
>  operator's encryption provider (Motorola, Atlanta Scientific, or
>  Cable Labs) you won't get access to the feed. All of them require
>  NDA's which disallow open source development and the first two charge
>  an arm and a leg for access to the documentation. I think they are
>  hoping Cable Lab's OCAP will take off and HDTV monitor makers will
>  sign up for access.
>  OCAP uses a PCMCIA card to do all the decryption so you would rent a
>  PCMCIA key for each of your OCAP capable TV's from the cable company
>  that would allow the TV to show cable content sent over the firewire
>  port. Your cable tuner or OCAP PVR would also need a PCMCIA key.
>  -- Daniel

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