[mythtv-users] Recomiling the Kernal

Kevin Barsby Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM
Thu May 6 17:54:10 EDT 2004

Hi there,

> I have a few questions however, first there seems to be no mention of
> kernel recompiles.

Probably because there is such a wide range of hardware out there,
instructions beyond: 

1. Get the Source
2. Choose options for your system
3. Compile
4. Install and reboot

Are very system specific. 

The way I've thought about the install, is by looking at my hardware
(Hush PC), picking my distro (Gentoo), then looking around for guides on
installing linux on that, the kernel config came from a very helpfull
Gentoo on an M10000 howto.

If you have a more component oriented system then you'll probably need
to look at a few different guides to get the best kernel settings for
your system.

> Are there any pit falls that I need to watch out for in doing so, also
> how do I use the existing config ( for the kernel recompile) and
> simply add the file systems that I want. I don’t know were the current
> config file is kept so that I can simply change just the file systems
> available.

Ummm, beyond .config in /usr/src/linux and  "make oldconfig" I can't
help you, should be somewhere on your distro or supporting website, but
I've no experience of Fedora (I assume you're using Fedora?).

> Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hope I provided a bit more than useless blatherings :-)


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