[mythtv-users] UK xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt woes - argh!

Adam Wood AdamWood at Xephi.co.uk
Tue May 4 14:01:45 EDT 2004

> >And yes Myth will auto tune to your channel of choice. I use 
> NTL cable 
> >though so I've no idea what the frequencies you needs are. I used to 
> >use the terrestrial channels and it was a nightmare trying 
> to fine tune 
> >the signal. Sadly Myth won't let you enter an exact 
> frequency (as far 
> >as I know).
> Does that mean you grab input through the S-Video-In 
> (assuming you use a 
> PVR-250 or similar)? I'm probably going to have to figure 
> this out as some 
> point when I hook this thing up to the video (I have a load 
> of VHS tapes 
> that I want to convert into digital format). Even if you 

That's right, I'm using the S-Video input. Strangely I had trouble with the
composite input so I had to buy an S-Video cable. No great trouble I guess
but still would be nice if all the inputs worked. :-)

> >If you post your xmltv output (what it is that suggests to 
> you that a 
> >user/pass is needed in particular) then I might be able to help some 
> >more.
> The error message I saw spewed out of the CLI was as follows:
>  > finding channels:       could not get channels page
>  > 
> http://www.radiotimes.com/PersonalisationServlet?event=3&chann
> elType=1&includeUnchosenChannels=true&jspLocation=/jsp/select_
> channels.jsp&rtError=/jsp/error.jsp&jspError=/jsp/register.jsp
> &next_page=tv_select
>  >
>  > - aborting
> Now if I put my 'Know About As Much About Web Coding As Your Average 
> FrontPage Programmer' hat on, that looks like a "You must register, 
> damnit!" error - but as Adam says, his is working fine.

Bearing in mind I know nothing about XMLTV's internals, I would say this
looks like it is trying to retrieve a web page from the RT site, and its
failing (but you knew that). From looking at my output I think it uses this
channel list to compare to your xmltv ids stored in ~/.mythtv/channel or
whatever and then start downloading listings. This might seem ridiculous as
you're using Gentoo and no doubt have already tested your internet access
many times, but you could confirm that this page is accessible. Maybe
something is preventing you from getting to the RT site in the first place?

As an aside, I've never tried the bleb listings, but if you get them to work
I'd love to know how good they are.


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