[mythtv-users] organising video files

Jason Lee mythtv at theleehouse.net
Tue May 4 11:02:17 EDT 2004

Maarten wrote:
> Can you elaborate on this a bit ?  Cause I tried to play a mythtv .nuv file by 
> mplayer but mplayer doesn't like it one bit.  (It may be a codec issue but 
> just about everything else I throw at mplayer works just fine).
> So, did you transcode in order to do that or do you deploy a PVRx50 (which 
> outputs plain old mpeg2 instead of the nuppelvideo / mpeg4 I get off my card)

I have a PVR-250, so I have mpeg2 files.  To make things obvious, I 
renamed the files to .mpeg when I moved them Recorded Shows to Videos. 
That, of course, has nothing to do with mplayer's ability to read them, 
though.  I'm guessing you'll need to transcode those files, though I'd 
probably try xine first to see if that works, as that would be a lot 
faster than transcoding gigabytes of data. :)

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