[mythtv-users] Myth and TV out

Oliver Groht oliver.groht at catworkx.de
Wed Mar 31 11:27:41 EST 2004


i am really new in mythtv. This Program is really great and thanks for 
all developers!!!
I have successfully compiled a cvs version of mythtv. Everything is 
working fine for me.
But- the next step is watching live tv over my tv-out connector.
I'm not sure that my problem is a real myth problem or a general X11 
Driver Problem.
Here is my Problem description and environment:
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro with TV-Out (I want to use them...)
PVR350 as MPEG Card
VIA Chipset with AMD Athlon

CVS-mythtv (actual)
Original ATI Driver for Linux in Version: fglrx-4.3.0-3.7.6
X11 in Version
Linux Distribution based on SuSE Linux 9.0 Prof with Kernel 2.6.4 and 
some needed Packages for mythtv

I use a special clone mode for dual viewing on my LCD and TV. I can 
switch this mode on or off in the ATI Control Center.
If i switch "clone mode" on i can see my X11 Screen on my TV. This is 
what i want, but if i am watching live TV with xv support in X11 then is 
my window on TV black. if i switch xv support off in my x11 config then 
it's possible to watch both live-tv on my LCD and TV but the pictures 
are very choppy and it's impossible to enjoy mythtv.

Now, i have spend a lot of time in resolving this problem, and my 
girlfriend doesn't know my name anymore... and i have no more Ideas.
Has anybody some experience in watching live tv with ati cards and xv 



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