[mythtv-users] can backends remote be used on frontend

Larry Matter mythtv2 at matter.net
Wed Mar 31 10:54:06 EST 2004

> Can the ir remote (PVR 250) on the backend be used to control a
> frontend? I just decided to split the backend / frontend to different
> computers then realized I wont have a remote to control the frontend.

The remote can be used if you have an IR receiver on the frontend that
lirc can work with.  That will not be the IR receiver that came with your
pvr 250, but you can either buy or build another IR receiver and then
create an lircd.conf file to work with the new hardware.

I built an IR receiver and am using the grey hauppauge remote with it. 
That remote uses the rc-5 protocol.  If you build your own receiver I can
send you my lircd.conf file to use with it.


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