[mythtv-users] can backends remote be used on frontend

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed Mar 31 12:13:22 EST 2004

yes please :)

I just figured out that the lirc encoding for a homebrew isn't the same 
as the pvr receiver.

not got round to it yet - wife loves Myth so much she's making me build 
a frontend for the bedroom!!!



Larry Matter wrote:

>>Can the ir remote (PVR 250) on the backend be used to control a
>>frontend? I just decided to split the backend / frontend to different
>>computers then realized I wont have a remote to control the frontend.
>The remote can be used if you have an IR receiver on the frontend that
>lirc can work with.  That will not be the IR receiver that came with your
>pvr 250, but you can either buy or build another IR receiver and then
>create an lircd.conf file to work with the new hardware.
>I built an IR receiver and am using the grey hauppauge remote with it. 
>That remote uses the rc-5 protocol.  If you build your own receiver I can
>send you my lircd.conf file to use with it.
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