[mythtv-users] two mythfrontend sessions

Ryan Brancheau (US) ryan.brancheau at us.didata.com
Wed Mar 31 07:22:04 EST 2004

I had the same thing happen, I searched all the startup files, even
deleted or renamed some of them - nothing worked.  Finally I created a
new user, set it up to login as mythtv2, and haven't had the problem
since.  Stupid solution, I know, but it was much faster than figuring
out what was actually going on.


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I tried a clean reboot (no apps/mythfrontend running before reboot (i.e.
typing reboot in a term window)) and the same thing happened - Two
mythfrontends started.  Any other ideas out there?

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	Two mythfrontend session start when rebooting or restarting X.
I can not seem to figure out why.  Does anyone have any ideas?



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