[mythtv-users] nVidia GF4 mx440 tv-out optimization

Dalen Kruse blacklion at blacklion.org
Tue Mar 30 10:28:59 EST 2004

Thanks for the information.  I'll try some of these and write back to the
list if I have any problems.

> blacklion at blacklion.org wrote:
>> Thanks for the great response.  I tried the v4lctl command and I don't
>> see the "chroma agc" settings you were talking about, so I guess I
>> have some kernel work to do.
> This part isn't absolutely necessary but it's nice. Otherwise,
> you can still compensate by adjusting the saturation (color)
> on your TV. It's the other stuff that makes the big difference.
>> Also, you mentioned a couple of filters, "adjust" and "kerneldeint".
>> I'm not familiar with filters on Myth.  Are these filters included
>> with Myth?  If so, is there some documentation on them?  I couldn't
>> seem to find any in the normal documentation.
> It's in "10. Configuring mythfrontend." under Playback:
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-10.html#ss10.4
> The "adjust" filter was added after 0.14 and I haven't updated
> the docs yet. However, my message was self contained. The "mysql"
> statement will add the adjust filter and parameters for recording
> and the "kerneldeint" can be added for playback on TV Settings->
> Playback in the Custom Filters text box.
> --  bjm
> update channel set
> contrast=23400,brightness=34000,colour=32000,hue=32768; update channel
> set videofilters='adjust=18:237:1.0:35:220:1.0';

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