[mythtv-users] nVidia GF4 mx440 tv-out optimization

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Mar 29 23:40:34 EST 2004

blacklion at blacklion.org wrote:
> Thanks for the great response.  I tried the v4lctl command and I don't
> see the "chroma agc" settings you were talking about, so I guess I have
> some kernel work to do.

This part isn't absolutely necessary but it's nice. Otherwise,
you can still compensate by adjusting the saturation (color)
on your TV. It's the other stuff that makes the big difference.
> Also, you mentioned a couple of filters, "adjust" and "kerneldeint". 
> I'm not familiar with filters on Myth.  Are these filters included with
> Myth?  If so, is there some documentation on them?  I couldn't seem to
> find any in the normal documentation.

It's in "10. Configuring mythfrontend." under Playback:


The "adjust" filter was added after 0.14 and I haven't updated
the docs yet. However, my message was self contained. The "mysql"
statement will add the adjust filter and parameters for recording
and the "kerneldeint" can be added for playback on TV Settings->
Playback in the Custom Filters text box.

--  bjm

update channel set contrast=23400,brightness=34000,colour=32000,hue=32768;
update channel set videofilters='adjust=18:237:1.0:35:220:1.0';

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