[mythtv-users] Stop showing TV when idle?

Khanh Tran khanh at slc.edu
Tue Mar 30 09:07:22 EST 2004

Why can't you just set a cron job to stop mythfrontend say at 2AM or
whenever you'd be sleeping?  Of course, you'd have to change that or
write something into mythweb to delay it if you're up late.  I didn't
receive all my hardware yet for my "real" Mythbox, but I've thought of
setting my mythfrontend to stop at say midnight and start back up at
around 7AM.  This way, when I leave for work, the wife can go back to
live TV without waiting for the computer to boot and all...


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> I agree that the crashing is its own problem.  However, I also think 
> that the feature he recommends is a good idea.  Instead of having the 
> hard drives thrash endlessly, have mythtv back out after a certain 
> time, say a four hour default.  Saves watts spent on CPU cycles, saves

> life on the hard drive.
> My 2 cents.
> Peter

Not a good idea. I frequently leave the system running on a music
channel all day long as I work around the house. I would be pissed if
the box decided on its own to drop back to the menu after 4 hours. There
are also times where I will watch one channel for 5 hours and again
would be pissed if it decided on its own to drop to the menu in the
middle of a show. Its not that hard to push the "back" button on the
remote when you are shutting things down for the night.

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