[mythtv-users] xmltv v.5.30 and myth 0.14?

Vince LaMonica vjl at vjl.org
Tue Mar 30 04:30:43 EST 2004

Hi All,

I'm having a problem changing channels using the keyboard [can't change
using the up/down nor the number pad]. Dug through the archives and found
simmilar problems with mythtv .10. I have confirmed that the database is
populated, and I can schedule recordings just fine [myth changes the
channel ok].

I am unable to find the setting in mythtvsetup to define a 'default'
channel, as the backend error states:

 Channel: '0' was not found in the database.
 Most likely, the default channel set for this input

mythfrontend gives this error, multiple times:

QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range

I am using the Mandrake 9.2 xmltv from 1thac/PLF. It is at version 0.5.30,
but when I run tv_grab_na, it states a newer version, 0.5.31, is now
available. Since the RPM is version .30, and I can not remove xmltv via
RPM without removing the PLF Mandrake 9.2 RPM of MythTV 0.14, I'm a bit
stuck. Is there a none issue with xmltv 0.5.30 and mythtv 0.14? Before I
uninstall mythtv via RPM, and compile from scratch, I want to make sure
that there is a known good xmltv that will work with MythTV 0.14.

I was able to go into mythtvsetup and in the "Input Connections", I found
a "starting channel", which I changed just for kicks, but it didn't help.
The Channel Editor did not allow me to define a 'default' channel like the
past messages to this list stated.

Any help would be most appreciated!



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