[mythtv-users] Stop showing TV when idle?

Peter Sebastian Masny ps-list at masny.dk
Tue Mar 30 03:43:56 EST 2004

Brian May wrote:

> It would be better if you could work out the source of the problem...
> There should be no good reason for mythfrontend to crash just because
> it has been left on live mode for 24 hours. It would seem to indicate
> a bug somewhere.

I agree that the crashing is its own problem.  However, I also think 
that the feature he recommends is a good idea.  Instead of having the 
hard drives thrash endlessly, have mythtv back out after a certain time, 
say a four hour default.  Saves watts spent on CPU cycles, saves life on 
the hard drive.

My 2 cents.


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