[mythtv-users] cheap TV-Card

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Mar 29 21:22:26 EST 2004

Maarten wrote:
  > I do think it is a bad card.  I tried running the Xawtv 'scantv -a' 
tool but
> it really only finds like 10 or 15 of the total 40 channels and they are 
> ridden with interference too.  The whole process was really aggravating, 
> luckily I eventually managed to get the second card working, thereby pointing 
> to a serious flaw in the first card.  

If a card is detected improperly, it might cause this as well.  My tuner 
type was set wrong by default and gave the results you describe.  I 
could tune to a few channels, but the quality was extremely poor.  I 
exchanged the card and got the same results.  Finally I learned you 
needed to add the tuner type to the modules.conf to get it to work right.

For some reason the FIRST time I installed it, I didn't have this 
problem.  It was only after a reformat and second install that this 
happened and at first I thought I'd fried the card somehow.

So perhaps one tuner is set properly and the other isn't...

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