Subject: [mythtv-users] audio hiss

Martina Walter lists at
Sun Mar 28 17:37:20 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 21:49, Mark Staggs wrote:

> Well, I suppose I took the easy (but more expensive) way out--I bought a 
> different sound card. 

My box is a barebone. I have a couple of good sound cards lying around
here but the only PCI slot is occupied by the tv card.

> Initial tests show that the on-board sound 
> (Biostar M7NCD nforce2) was definitely the problem. 

Seems to be something else here. It's not always there. If there is a
hiss it is always with the same channels but not all the time. The
on-board sound is a SIS 7something.

There seems to be a difference with high or medium audio quality
encoding but I cannot see a pattern so I think I'll have to run some

I've also heard about issues with the alsa module for that chip. Maybe
I'll try a 2.6.3 Kernel. 

> I switched to a 
> Sound Blaster Live, and now I have no hiss.  I was also getting an 
> occasional stutter in audio when watching live tv, and now that's also 
> gone as well.

I never had any stutter with that box. It was a problem with my test
setup on my desktop machine (Epox KTA8+ pro, Athlon XP 1600, Ati Rage
128, Hauppauge WinTV PCI, SB64, 1 Gig RAM) until I stopped almost
everything but mythtv. 


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