Subject: [mythtv-users] audio hiss

Mark Staggs me at
Sun Mar 28 14:49:25 EST 2004

Martina Walter wrote:

>>Try the oss driver. (i810_audio) I had to for the same reason,
>>amongst others. (FIC AU11 in use here (NF2)) 
>Hmmm... that may be worth a try. My setup is almost the same as Mark's.
>Biostar IDEQ V (the VIA version of the same thing), Pinnacle PCTV Studio
>Pro. It's a cute silent little box.

Well, I suppose I took the easy (but more expensive) way out--I bought a 
different sound card.  Initial tests show that the on-board sound 
(Biostar M7NCD nforce2) was definitely the problem.  I switched to a 
Sound Blaster Live, and now I have no hiss.  I was also getting an 
occasional stutter in audio when watching live tv, and now that's also 
gone as well.

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