Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Re: mythtv 0.14, bttv 0.9.12/13 + Kernel 2.6.3-4 - low brightness red screen on channel change

Gregory J. McGee gjmcgee at
Sat Mar 27 23:33:50 EST 2004

I ran 4363 at one point and using 2.6.
Try googling a bit, someone patched it vs 2.6.?? IIRC.

(not using TV yet, all on workstation, so I moved on) 

Nvidia released new Win drivers on Mar. 15th, Linux drivers usually
follow within days

> For me, I'm using 2.4.x for the foreseeable future because nVidia
> vsync and overscan support is in rev 4363 and will not install on
> 2.6.x. Until bttv-0.9.13, I also needed to stay at 0.9.11 to avoid
> this problem. I'm now running linux 2.4.25 and it is unambiguous
> that 0.9.12 has this problem of resetting to distorted colors all
> the time and it hasn't happened since installing 0.9.13.
> --  bjm
Gregory J. McGee <gjmcgee at>

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