[mythtv-users] another DCT2000 query

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Sat Mar 27 19:21:56 EST 2004

My cable box (from MediaOne/ATT/Comcast) is a DCT-???? with firmware
7.74.  I tried the changechannel.py script from mythtv/contrib in CVS,
and it almost works straight out of the box:

I connected a pass-through 9-pin cable from serial port 1 (not 0 so I
didn't have to modify the script) to the Motorola/GI box.

I ran the script to change to channel 42, and I saw the digits '0', '4',
and '2' appear on the DCT's LCD one at a time, and then it changed back
to the previous channel.  I had the same results trying to change to
channel 042.

So the box is at least receiving some signal, so the port is
active--that's good.

The only thing I see is that it's rather slow in sending the digits.  So
I watched the on-screen display, and saw that it was dropping the first
digits before the last arrived.  If I hit the last digit right after it
sent the '4' then it changed channels.

Any thoughts on how to speed it up?


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