[mythtv-users] Re: Another .nuv to dvd question

Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 27 02:53:36 EST 2004

Here is what I do.  I don't pretend this is the
only way to do it,  or even the best.

First,  I create the number of .vob files that will
in 4.5GB.  That usually 8, 30 minutes shows with
commercials cut.

If I want them in a particular order on the DVD, I
add the file names into a file ( called filelist )
in the desired order:



Using dvdauthor,  I start creating the DVD file

dvdauthor -o iso `cat filelist`
dvdauthor -T -o iso

Next,  I change file permissions to the DVD standard:

chmod -f 500 iso/*
chmod -f 400 iso/VIDEO_TS/*

Make the ISO image:

mkisofs -udf -dvd-video -o mydvd.iso iso

Then I burn to DVD:

growisofs -T /dev/scd0=mydvd.iso -dvd-compat

growisofs should create the .iso image for me, but
when I do it that way,  all the file names in the
DVD structure,  like VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS become
lowercase.  My DVD player ignores the DVD.  I
do the two step process to maintain all upper case.

If anyone knows how to use growisofs and maintain
case,  please email me.


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> One I have the files converted (once I selected 
>the dvd option) what would
> be the command to burn them ?

dvdauthor and growisofs.  If you have them installed,
nuvexport will ask you if you want to execute them.
However, it will assume one show per disc.


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