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> Something that is really bugging me. Can the Watch TV function be
> changed so that it will not display that message about all tuners being
> used if recording and make you go back to the Watch Recordings menu, to
> automatically start watching the currenly recording show? It saves a few
> steps when I just want to watch tv, even if it is recording shows. On
> the Tivo you can press the Live TV button and you can watch what is
> currently being recorded. If you try and change the channel it prompts
> if you want to stay on the channel and finish recording or cancel the
> current recording (then it changes the channel).
> - James
A patch for this sort of functionality will be coming next week, hopefully.
ATM we have code that, when a recording is in progress, will give you
information on the recording (name, time, description, and time until
finished) and provide you with options for watching the current recording,
stoping the current recording and watching live TV, and going back to the
main menu.   We've just got to ensure it works with multiple tuners (there
may be some more work in that :|  ) and apply it to the current CVS.

Andrew Jamieson

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