[mythtv-users] help, changed hostname shows not showing up

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Fri Mar 26 18:11:07 EST 2004

Help, I changed my box's hostname in sysconfig/network and the shows 
disappeard. I found where the database needed to be dumped / changed / 
imported. That fixed the shows showing up in mythweb. They still did not 
show up in mythfrontend. I even recorded a few since then and they show 
up in mythweb but not in frontend. I remember there being a setting 
someone for the backend ip / hostname. I tried to run mythtvsetup but it 
is no longer on the computer. It must have been removed when I did an 
apt-get dist-upgrade with bleeding turned on because I now have myth 
v.15. Was it removed in the latest version? How can I get the shows back 
in the front end?

- James

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