[mythtv-users] New Server Specs.

Mike Diehl (Encrypted email preferred) mdiehl at diehlnet.com
Thu Mar 25 21:26:29 EST 2004

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On Thursday 25 March 2004 12:20 am, Kevin D. Snodgrass wrote:
> Mike Diehl (Encrypted email preferred) wrote:
> > I'm about to build a new PVR server and would like a final check of the
> > hardward I've selected.  Any comments are welcome.
> Well, since I don't have my system built yet (but the
> Mastercard did take the hit yesterday!) I really can't
> comment on your selection.  It does look similar to what I
> ordered though.

Well, then I hope we chose well. <grin>

> I do wonder why you are getting everything in the retail
> box?  I *always* buy OEM or white box stuff since the
> Winders driver disk is of no use to me and most of the rest
> of the crap in the retail box is equally useless.  For most
> items, save the money and get the OEM/white box.

You have a valid point here.  However, the retail version of the MB and chip 
have the cables, heat sink and fan.  The other items, I'll have to 
reinvestigate to see if I can find an OEM version.... at newegg?

Anyway, after I sent the original message out, it occurred to me that I should 
ask about how to control my system.  I could get a wireless keyboard.  On the 
other hand, my wife got me a multi-device remote control for Christmas this 
year.  It does X-10 and is supposed to be able to control a PVR.  So, I'm 
assuming that I can just install lirc, right?

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