[mythtv-users] Re: Anyone compaired Pundit Svideo to PVR-350 TV out?

Malcolm mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 25 18:46:52 EST 2004

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From: "Steve Rubano" <srubano at ccap.net>
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 12:04 PM

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> >I don't want to use the 350's TV out anymore because of stability issues.
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> What kind of stability issues are you having? Currently my setup is as
> follows:
> -        ASUS Pundit Box
> -        P4 1.6GhZ proc
> -        512 Meg RAM (I might bump this up to 1 gig since I have some left
> over RAM from another project)
> -        120 Gig, 7200 RPM 8 MB cache HD (Maxtor)
> -        Hauppauge PVR-350 (using the composite TV out)
> -        KnoppMyth R4V2 w/MythTV .14
> I was having some stability issues with the TV out on the PVR350 myself.
> Every time I selected the OSD channel guide and scrolled through it, TV
> would freeze the display. The system would be fine.just the display would
> lock up and I had to power off the system to flush out the video stuck in
> the Frame buffer (If I rebooted, the display that it froze on was still on
> the screen). I used the TV out (composite) on the Pundit, although it was
> decent..it still was no where near the quality of the 350 TV out. I did
> Googling and found a modified ivtv_dev driver. I downloaded it, extracted
> to the folder that was stated on the website and modified my XF86Config
> to point to the new driver. Since I did that I have yet to experience any
> lockups at all, very stable so far. I don't have the link to the site I
> downloaded it from but I can get it for you when I go home tonight (marked
> in my favorites folder at home).

My system hasn't been the most stable with the 350.  I have it reboot every
night at 3:30am to try and keep it stable during the days but sometimes even
that's not enough.  Sometimes something as simple as exiting out of a
recording we are watching will lock the box.  Also if I fast forward or
rewind to much it usually kills mythfrontend.  Finally I decided I need to
do something about it.  So I purchased a full size ATX board with AGP slot,
got a chaintech MX440 card and an Antec Overture case to house everything.
Only that Antec case is huge.
So that's when I started looking at getting the Pundit and using the Svideo
on board that it has but now I'm reading on the list that it's video quality
leaves something to be desired.  Now I'm just confused as to what to do.
Guess I need to sleep on it.


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