[mythtv-users] pvr 350, cant FF RW or skip using TV-Out

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 25 12:27:39 EST 2004


On 2004.03.25 08:41, John Kuhn wrote:
> wow thanks for the exstensive reply..

  Newbie enthusiasm, newbie naivety. :-)

> I should have stated in my original post that I am using both of  
> these drivers currently..

   Bummer, I guess now I know what I have to look forward
 to. I was harboring a secret wish that I might somehow
 escape the TV-out problems through some magic talisman
 crafted with just the right hardware and software.
 More naivety.  Perhaps good fun, though!


    katoom at pacbell.net

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