[mythtv-users] Import Playlists in Mythmusic

Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at pi.be
Thu Mar 25 10:23:45 EST 2004

they are stored in a database table called
-1&server=1&db=mythconverg&table=musicplaylist> musicplaylist 
I've seen mention of a script that would import playlists. Try searching
the mailing list.

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Onderwerp: [mythtv-users] Import Playlists in Mythmusic

I am wondering how mythmusic stores playlists.  I searched around and I
could not find anything on this - are the playlists stored in an XML
file somewhere or are they stored as WinAmp m3u playlists?  It would be
great if Mythmusic could import my Winamp playlists or if I could create
the playlists on a separate computer and then load them into mythmusic.
I am sure this is possible, I just don't know in which file(s) the
playlists are stored.  Any help would be much appreciated!




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