[mythtv-users] Re: prob stupid question, but ... LCD & mythtv

Mark Henman mythtv at henmanfamily.com
Thu Mar 25 09:30:51 EST 2004

> Hi, 
> This is proberbly a stupid question but i have googled 
> for myth +lcd etc and found few few posts here and a 
> few hits for myth lcd but now very much is explained. 
> Basically i'm putting together a mythtv based media 
> centre and was hoping to use a LCDProc compatable 
> display - how easy is this, is it even possible? I 
> can't find any references to lcd's in the docs. 
> I'm basically a noobie - but i'll give anything a go, 
> even if it does destroy my pc;-)!!! 
> Cheers 
> Iain 


MythTV works great with LCDProc.  In the settings.pro file for mythtv, 
uncomment out the line that reads:

Then re-build myth.  You'll need to be sure the lcd daemon starts before 
mythfrontend does.

I've used several LCD devices from allelectronics.com.  They've all worked 
well, but I've learned to get ones with an LCD backlight and not an EL 
backlight so I don't have to tap the 120v power line.  My favorite is the LCD-
74, it looks good, is HD44780 based and only costs $9.50. 

I've wired mine directly to the parallel port in 4-bit mode, since I don't use 
the parallel port for anything else (wiring directions are on the lcdproc web 
site).  The hardest part of the whole process was getting the contrast input 
correct so the display would be the most readable.


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