[mythtv-users] pvr 350, cant FF RW or skip using TV-Out

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Thu Mar 25 09:05:37 EST 2004

well after finally getting the TV-Out working on my PVR-350 properly (so 
i thought) it seems i cant actually use it for watching recorded shows 
for very long.  I cannot Fast Forward or Rewind or have mythtv 
automatically skip commericals or the entire box will freeze.  I can 
also not watch a recorded show for longer then 30min (approx) or the 
same thing will happen.  Extremly frustrasting as now i'm completely 
hooked on the quality of its TV-Out.. searching this list shows people 
with the similar problems but no solutions other then one post stating 
its a known issue and being worked on..

I'm wondering if anyone with this same issue has actually corrected it 
and how they did it? I'm currently using KnoppMyth R4v2 (wonderfull 
distro btw).  I'm to the point I'm about to buy a GF4mx and use its 
TV-Out, but would rather utilize my existing equipment.

as a side note i've tried Chris Kennedys ivtv drivers but upon loading 
them my entire box will freeze not exactly sure why that is either.

any suggestions would be welcome..

--John Kuhn

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