[mythtv-users] Partial Success with EPIA V10000/PVR350

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Thu Mar 25 07:50:07 EST 2004


On 2004.03.24 11:48, Shawn Edwards wrote:
> I'm having a similar problem on my M10K system.  I just thought it  
> was due to something stupid I was doing with my gentoo build (I'm a  
> gentoo newbie).

  Well, the problem could easily be something stupid that *I'm*

> Any help is appreciated and if I find something that helps I'll post
> it.

  I wasn't making progress so since it was just VGA output I moved
 on to getting TV-out on the PVR350 working and that went very well.
 I can't comment on stability but we used the little thing last night
 for live TV, pausing/skipping etc... as well as recording without
 difficulty so things are promising.

  The fact that I was able to watch live TV on the vga seems to
 have been a happy accident as after later reboots it was also
 having trouble while mplayer was doing well. Funny. I can
 only guess that the problem has something to do with the
 (presumably) generic trident X driver that is being used. There
 are VIA replacements for this driver (binary only I believe)
 but the emphasis on those has been for supporting TVout (which
 I don't have on the V10K). I only wanted the VGA support as
 a diagnostic baseline anyway so I'll probably relegate this
 to a much lower priority for the moment. There are plenty
 of other little things to sort out (like getting all the
 hardware stuffed into the little 8.5" X 11" X 3.5" box)

> On Wednesday 24 March 2004 12:14 pm, KMF wrote:
> >   I've had partial success with a KnoppMyth installation on
> >  my VIA EPIA V10000/PVR-350 combo (although I haven't done
> >  the hard part with TV-out yet).  Right now I'm running X on
> >  the VGA output and I can watch live tv and record, even use
> >  the remote. When I go to watch a recording the little preview
> >  pane plays the recording more or less properly (if a little
> >  jumpy).
> >
> >    However, when I try to watch the recording the display
> >  shows a fixed (mostly green) jumble of horizontal lines
> >  although the audio plays. If I *then* try to watch live TV
> >  I experience this same video problem with good audio.
> >  I can get back the ability to watch live tv only by
> >  restarting Fvwm (or X), merely restarting the front end
> >  does not help.
> >
> >    How does video playback differ when the source is live TV
> >  from when the source is a recording?  If I run mplayer
> >  from the command line I get the same green screen as when
> >  I try to play recordings.
> >
> >   In my searches I've seen references to a special EPIA frame
> >  buffer module, viafb, and it appears that I'm using just
> >  the simple VESA framebuffer (from `cat /proc/fb`). Does this
> >  problem sound like a frame buffer issue?


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