[mythtv-users] ActiSys 220L

Garry garry at sneakyninja.net
Tue Mar 23 13:39:12 EST 2004

Ok, this thing hates me.

I've got a serial version (not usb) of the Actisys 220L blaster.

Using my desktop machine which is also Linux, I get absolutely nothing 
out of this device. No lights, no signs of life, nothing. I even tried 
looking at it under a sony 'night shot' DV camera to see it was doing 
anything. Nope.

I've followed the exellent instructions here 

Funny thing is, there are no errors. It claims to be fine. Yet it's 
doing nothing.

If I plug the device into my (work) XP laptop the green light on top 
comes on straight away.

I've tried every suggestion I've come across on this list, BIOS 
settings, voodoo, sacrifices to the IR Gods... nothing.

Just wondering if I'm missing something stoopidly obvious.



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