[mythtv-users] General Myth setup issues

Ben Scott benscott at cableone.net
Tue Mar 23 20:45:26 EST 2004

this is perhaps a more generic linux question, but  I thought I'd try 
here for help.

Basically, I followed Jarod's wonderful howto, and I've got a fully 
functioning MythTV box, except for two problems

1) For some reason alsa forgets my settings every time I reboot.  Every 
time I reboot I have to run alsa audio mixer and click the little box 
that says "Rec." under "Line" (as in line in).  Otherwise it won't 
record line in.  And it doesn't seem to be just when I reboot, it seems 
to just occasionally forget, so when I go to watch my recordings, they 
might have sound, they might not.

2) putting a link to mythfrontend in ~/.kde/Autostart doesn't anything.  
It doesn't even try to run it.  I tried putting a link to mozilla in 
there just for kicks and it didn't run that either.  Anyone else 
encounter this?  How to fix?

They're kind of goofy problems compared to all the crazy stuff I had to 
figure out to get to this point, but nonetheless, I'm stumped

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ben Scott

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