[mythtv-users] NForce2 integrated TV-out quality issues

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Tue Mar 23 18:03:59 EST 2004

Ville Vehvilainen wrote:

>The image is not nearly as bright as the real TV, and when I try to adjust
>the brightness level it only makes the darks more bright and does nothing
>to the light colors. White is more like light grey.
Try using the xv controls during playback and tune it there before 
adjusting your TV.

>Also, overscan adjustment does not work, even with the 4336 drivers.
>Whatever value I put into the TVOverScan setting in XF86Config, small
>black bars exist around the picture. This is however not a showstopper.
Odd, are you 100% certain your XF86Config is correctly set up?

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