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Andrew Cockburn andrew at cockburn.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 14:11:35 EST 2004

Pretty much as I feared .... PVR250 it is then :-)

Thanks !


Andrew Cockburn

steve at nexusuk.org wrote:

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>On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Alex Petts wrote:
>>There is a different problem with UK digital cable (NTL or Telewest).  
>>The difference being that there are CAMs available, but the cable 
>>company couples the viewing card with the STB (so I've heard - I'm not 
>>a subscriber, so I cannot verify this), stopping you using your viewing 
>>card in a different STB (at your mate's for example, or in a PC with a 
>>digital cable decoder card...)
>ISTR that Sky also link the viewing card to the box when you first 
>register the card (not that it makes much difference since you can't use 
>the Sky card in anything other than a Sky box anyway).  Does the BBC use 
>the same encryption as sky on their satellite transmissions? (AFAIK the 
>BBC encrypt all their channels to restrict the area they can be viewed in 
>but you can get a free viewing card to decode them).
>Maybe someone with plenty of electronics experience could take a digibox 
>to pieces and see if they can separate the decoder circuit from the rest 
>of the box :)
>FYI, Sky appear to be using the "Videoguard" encryption - ISTR that 
>"Videocrypt" is the old analogue system (chop a scanline in half, swap the 
>2 halves and send the location of the cut as an encrypted number)
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