[mythtv-users] Stuttering Audio & Video After Channel Is Changed

Brian M. Bennett brianbennett at nc.rr.com
Sat Mar 20 21:34:20 EST 2004

Hello all. Ok, I have had my set top box up and running for over a month
now and we are really enjoining all the features. I am very appreciative
of all the development that has gone into MythTV and KnoppMyth. 

I am having one reoccurring problem that is pretty annoying that I
thought I would post to see if I could resolve. Basically, when I go
into watching "live" TV from the main menu, the video and audio of the
current channel comes up and streams fine. I have no problem pausing or
resuming video and do not loose any frames or see/hear any stuttering.
However, if I use the up channel or down channel button on my remote
control or wireless keyboard to go to another channel while channel
surfing, the channel that comes up will start to stutter (both audio and
video). Sometimes the stuttering will last on 5-10 seconds and other
times it will not ever stop. If I keep changing the channel I get the
same result on every channel. I have been getting around this problem by
once I get to a channel that I want to watch, if it is stuttering, then
I simply exit to the main menu and re-enter into the TV mode again to
the current channel. If I do this then the channel plays fine. I only
have problems if I change channels. What ever the default channel is
that comes up when I first go into the TV section always play fine.... 

So, here are my specs for my top box: 

Pentium II (Deschutes) 
448.051 CPU MHz 
3/4 gig memory 
120 gig hard drive 
GeForce 4 440 64MB DDR 
Sound Blaster Live 
Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse
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