[mythtv-users] transcoder troubles

Richard Helvick helvick at usa.net
Sat Mar 20 20:24:07 EST 2004


I am having some troubles with my transcoder and I can't quiet figure 
out what is wrong.  I am running version .14 with both the front and 
backend on one box.  I have two PVR-250's.

The problem I am having is that the transcoder is creating extremely 
large files.  As I look at my video directory now, I can see that there 
is a 2.1 gig file that it is working on and the transcoded version is 
currently 17 gigs!!  And it hasn't stop.   It seems to want to keep 
transcoding the file until the disk is full.  I have tried to turn 
transcoding off with no effect.  (The only settings I could find were in 
the Recording Profiles, and I set them all to off).  If I kill the 
transcoding tasks, they are just started up again by the backend.


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